Open archives, what for?

21 February 2017
Whether you are a doctoral student or taking a masters degree, the Open archives are meant for you!

Open archives aim to share in a large scale and via the Internet the scientific knowledge and more specifically articles, studies and dissertations from researchers and PhD students. Share your research data by uploading it on a dedicated platform.

What is it for?

1. Write a literature review: this is the first thing you’ll be asked to do. Many collaborative projects can be seen online, such as:

  • Hal Open Archives : you can browse by field
  • RePEc: Research Papers in Economics
  • Core: international metasearch engine of open archives platforms

2. Read the articles of your research fellows at school. You may not be aware of the whole school’s publications, take a look at it here

3. Share your knowledge: if you are a researcher, sharing your knowledge makes your research more visible in your field.

Open archives are a vertuous circle : the more thesis and memoirs are available online, the more researchers are encline to share their work.

Please, feel free to ask us for more questions.

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