Discovery Bag

26 September 2016
The "Discovery Bag" is a custom-made experience with a single purpose: for you to discover your next favourite author, a new best book... things to put on your list of preferred readings!

This new service, proposed by the library, is open to all students of Audencia! Free of charge, all you have to do is to be curious, and sign up for a monthly bag of discoveries. The bag contains an essay related to your studies, a novel for the pleasure to read and also... a surprise! 

Once you have signed up, you'll fill out a form telling us more about who you are and what you like. This will let your librarians study your profile and match it to the right books, to the right surprises. And then the magic happens: a bag of discoveries, custom-made for you, is born! Pick it up in the library (and keep the content for 4 weeks)!

So if you're ready to try the Discovery Bag experience..don't wait: sign up now!

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