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Women Week at the Knowledge Hub: our data bases

08 March 2021

Among the digital resources that the Knowledge Hub makes available to you, three databases are very useful to measure the place of women today:
- Statista offers several particularly telling infographics and files.
- Delphes highlights the relationship between women and business by exploring the economic and financial press.
- Europresse lists articles from the French and international general press, providing an interesting panel of the debates and contradictions that animate our societies when it comes to women.

Need shock data? This computer graphics is for you: Still a century before gender equality. You will learn that "the inequalities between men and women in the world will not be overcome for 99.5 years", and in particular that "gender parity in economic participation and opportunities will not be achieved for 257 years". »
A terrible observation refined by these two other computer graphics, which point out the good and bad pupils in the world and in Europe: Best and worst countries for gender equality and Etat des lieux de l'égalité hommes-femmes en Europe.
Have we done enough for women? measures the gap in appreciation between women and men in several countries on the place given to women.
To find out whether parity is sufficiently present within companies, you can find the answer by consulting Women's Leadership in the World.

Want more figures and survey results? Statista's dossiers, grouping data by theme, will satisfy you, such as Diversity and equality in European companies ; Women in politics in Scandinavia ; Women, sports, and the pay gap ; Feminism and equality around the world or Violence against women - facts and figures.

Here is a selection of articles, with more numbers, on the famous glass ceiling that women today happily manage to crack. But there is still a long way to go before it is completely destroyed.
- They crack the glass ceiling (L'Argus de l'Assurance n°7690 - January 29, 2021)
- Women excluded from executive management (Entreprise et carrières n°1512 - January 25, 2021)
- After 10 years of parity, there is still work to be done (Challenges n°682 - January 21, 2021)
- Leadership: towards gender parity (Futuribles n°440 - January 1, 2021)
- In the "feminist" networks of the CAC 40 (Le Monde Diplomatique n°801 - December 1, 2020)
As in One is not born, but rather becomes, an entrepreneur (Management n°288 - October 1st, 2020): entrepreneurship is increasingly becoming a woman's business, affecting sectors, such as technology, which were until now "reserved" for men.

And let us pay tribute to these women who have transformed the economy and have been forgotten (Alternatives économiques n°403 - July 1st, 2020). An issue especially dedicated to women, which you can also borrow in paper format from any good Knowledge Hub.


It is difficult not to talk about gender inequality in the context of the pandemic. Indeed, two journalists denounce the cruel precariousness of women on the labor market since the health crisis:
- On Families: Feminism Has Failed Women (The New York Times - December 27, 2020)
- The financial feminists ( The Chronicle Herald - December 11, 2020)

Women's inclusion is at the heart of Diversity Leaders, a ranking established by the Financial Times and Statista: Managers must 'walk the talk' to improve inclusion (Financial Times - November 18, 2020) analyzes the results of companies that were asked to rate their employees on their diversity policies (in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation).

Women need to get confident. Here are two articles that show how women still don't dare to excel in the scientific and IT sectors:
- Empowering Women as Drivers of Recovery and Growth (OECD study, 2020 December, through Europresse)
- IT professions: women must take their place! (La Tribune - October 6, 2020)

And finally, here is food for thought on how women's bodies are perceived, whether by men or by women themselves:
- My life became so much better when I stopped comparing or competing with other women (The Irish Times - January 9, 2021)
- I'm a woman who wants: on desire and disability (The Guardian, March 3, 2021)
- Abortion chain lies to women about potential risks to future pregnancies. (National Right to New Life - February 1, 2021)


To go further, we have listed some of our resources here.

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