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Women week at the Knowledge Hub: essays

11 March 2021

Essays on Women: Diversity and Feminisms at the Knowledge Hub

We librarians are curious. We like to exchange ideas, to debate and to confront contradictions. So here is a focus on what you can find in our shelves about women. Diversity is the order of the day, embracing different disciplinary fields and currents of opinion, and this is food for thought! Journalists, philosophers, historians, sociologists, gender theorists, professors, economists, entrepreneurs ... each of them presents in his or her own way the singularities of women's journeys and struggles, thus defining not one but many feminisms.

So let's honor pluralism and give way to inspiration!

Find our selection on the dedicated bookshelf!


Gender studies

To question the female gender and the gender in general, here are two essential books:


A women History

From Prehistory ( ! ) to now, follow the evolution of the place of women in our not-always-very-inclusive societies:


Feminism & FeminismS

From Simone de Beauvoir's seminal text to Witches, podcasts and soccer, discover works that stimulate thought and question what we took for granted:


Women's bodies

Exposed, desired, too often violated, the body of women belongs to them only too little. An invitation to liberation and to the pleasure of being oneself thanks to the following works:


Women's economic power

What about the role of women in the economic sphere? Here are some books that demonstrate their resources and their spirit of conquest:

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